Bay of Islands Liberal Association Fundraiser

The Bay of Islands Liberal Association will be holding a fundraiser dinner on Saturday, June 1, 2013 at the Curling Lions Centre.  A silent auction and entertainment will follow the dinner.

Special Guest is Dwight Ball, Leader of the Official Opposition and Leader of the Liberal Party of Newfoundland and Labrador.  There will also be a special guest “Uncle Ned from St. Anthony.

Tickets cost $15 each.

For tickets, please call Judy at 783-3117.

Hope to see you all there!

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

As your MHA for the Bay of Islands, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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Contacting Me or My Office

Should you want to get in contact with me or Judy Bolt at my constituency office, please call 634-7883.

If you want, you can also email us directly at or

As always, you can drop by our office at the Fortis Tower across from the old Canadian Tire building.

Some people have been sending messages through FaceBook but my schedule doesn’t always allow me to check this as frequently.  The best route to take is either phoning our office or sending an email.




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Constituency Office Now Opened

Finally, after a long process and long wait, the constituency office is now open.

Anyone with issues in the contituency or wanting to arrange a meeting can stop by our office at:

Fortis Tower, 5th Floor, Suite 501, Corner Brook.

Ph: 634-7883
Fax: 634-7885

Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding.

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Constituency Office Update

Many people have contacted me wondering where my constituency office will be located.

We’re waiting for these details to be finalized and once everything is in place we will provide location, as well as our phone numbers.

Until then, you can use the contact form here on this site to reach me.



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Thank You

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their tremendous support and kind words of congratulations.

We set out 3 weeks ago with a goal in mind.  We wanted to restore a strong voice to the Bay of Islands and last night we succeeded.

I now look forward to the next 4 years representing this great district.

Over the next few weeks I will be opening my new office and will be posting the contact information.

Thank you again.


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It’s Time to Vote

Today marks the end of my campaign.  We just finished our final meeting with the  best team of volunteers any candidate can ask for.

Everyone involved in my campaign can hold their heads high.  We have had fun, we’ve been a team, we’ve worked hard, and tomorrow the reward is ours for the taking.  You should be proud of what you have helped accomplish.

It was both an honour and privilege to have worked with you.

I have done all that I can do.

It is now in your hands, the hands of the voters.

We didn’t make any false or unattainable promises to secure a vote.  Regardless of the outcome tomorrow, we can hold our head high and look at our friends and neighbours knowing that.

My commitment to the people of the Bay of Islands has always been the same.  I will be your voice and speak out on the issues.  I will be accessible, available and dependable.

Tomorrow the polls open at 8:00 am and close at 8:00 pm.

Please encourage your friends and family to get out and vote.  Have them make a difference to the people here in the Bay of Islands.

Tomorrow, I respectfully ask for your support.  Please mark an “X” next to my name and give a strong voice to the people of the Bay of Islands.


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It’s Worth Being Thankful For

Happy 85th Birthday to Hilda House of Gilliams

Throughout this campaign, I’ve reflected many times on things going on around me.  Now on Thanksgiving weekend, it is a time we all traditionally pause and give thanks for the things in our lives.

For me, it’s been three weeks of hard work and campaigning.  I am thankful for having the drive, determination and health to work towards representing the Bay of Islands as its MHA.

I’m thankful to have a group of volunteers behind me working tirelessly as we strive to reach our goal.  There are so many to name, I’m scared if I started listing them I would forget someone.

Each of you has stepped up to make this possible.  You are the reason I am running.  You deserve to be given a voice in government and to have someone who will speak out on issues important to this area.

Throughout every campaign I’ve been involved with, I’ve always been able to hold my head high at the end, regardless of the outcome.  I’ve never made a promise just to get a vote.  I’ve always been available and I’ve always been dependable.

I’m thankful to have been given the opportunity to run once again in what I feel is the greatest district around.

Most of all, I am thankful to have such a loving and supportive wife.  Heather has been with me every step of this way, encouraging me as we travelled through the district.

We’ve tried to get to every door, talk to as many people as possible.  The issues we kept hearing were the same throughout the district.

People are tired of not having any representation, not having someone in government to help them deal with issues as they come up.  We’ve attended rallies, fundraisers and birthday parties.  We have kept up a pace unlike any other in previous campaigns.

Both Heather and I agree, having the opportunity once again to represent the Bay of Islands is something worth being thankful for.

We both thank you for the invites, for the support shown and for the words of encouragement sent to us.

As Election Day is just 2 days away, the work continues.  The final push is on and the entire team is remaining focused.

Each vote counts and on October 11, I respectfully ask you to mark your “X” FOR JOYCE – a strong voice in the Bay of Islands.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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It’s Worth Battling the Wind and Rain

At the card game in Summerside campaigning.

With the wind and rain battering the Bay of Islands today, it was a great opportunity to take count on how things are going in our campaign so far.  It’s a critical point in our campaign to restore strong representation and we are putting the final push underway to secure support and identify every vote.
There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.  Heather and I campaigned through the storm and kept focused on the ultimate goal.

I’ve been trying to get to every door, attend every function, debate and rally, answer every email and phone every person who have left a message.
This is the approach I have always and will continue to take.  This has been my commitment to the people of the Bay of Islands.

I am excited about the prospect of working with the councils,organizations and residents once again.  I thank you for this great opportunity.

I promise I will not go into a witness protection program.  I will be available.  I will be dependable.

The next few days will be crucial as the campaign winds down.  It’s important we keep the forward momentum and keep focused.

I am pleased with the support everyone has shown and with how things have progressed so far.

It has been a total effort by everyone involved with my campaign.  Without those behind the scenes volunteering and without your support, none of this would be possible.
I look forward to your continued support on October 11.

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Polling Details for the Bay of Islands

Those people who want a ride to the polls to vote on October 11 can call my campaign headquarters at 785-7463 or 785-7449.

If you want as well, you can text 709-632-1314 or 709-640-8896.

You can also contact us through Facebook or Twitter.  Just leave a note on my Facebook page or send a tweet to @eddiejoyce.

Here’s the details of where voting will occur in the Bay of Islands District.

Lark Harbour 1, 2 Community Hall
York Harbour 3 Community Hall
Frenchman’s Cove 4 Scona House
John’s Beach 5 Community Hall
Benoit’s Cove
Benoit’s Cove 6, 7, 8 Community Hall
Benoit’s Cove
Halfway Point 9 Community Hall
Benoit’s Cove
Mt. Moriah 10, 11 Community Hall
Curling 12, 13, 14, 15
16, 17, 18
St. Mary’s Anglican
Church Hall
Irishtown 19, 20 Community Hall
Summerside 21, 22 Community Hall
Meadows 23, 24 Community Hall
Gilliams 25 Fire Hall
McIvers 26, 27 Community Hall
Cox’s Cove 28, 29 Community Hall


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