Meet Eddie

Born and raised in Curling, Bay of Islands, Eddie is well known to the people of the Bay of Islands District. Eddie was first elected as the Member of the House of Assembly to represent the district of Bay of Islands in 1989 but stepped aside to give former Premier Clyde K. Wells a seat in the House of Assembly.

Eddie was then appointed Premier Wells’ West Coast Executive Assistant and continued to serve in that position under Premier Brian Tobin until February, 1999, when he was re-elected to represent the district of Bay of Islands. On February 13, 2001, Eddie was appointed Parliamentary Assistant to former Premier Roger Grimes.

On October 21st, 2003, Eddie was re-elected as the MHA for the Bay of Islands district in the provincial general election. He served as Opposition critic for the Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation, the Department of Natural Resources, and Chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee.

As a complement to his passion for politics, Eddie has been actively involved in sports for many years. He has been twice named Corner Brook’s Athlete of the Year, won a bronze medal in Boxing at the 1975 Canada Winter Games, and in 2002 was inducted into the Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Hall of Fame.

Eddie is also actively involved with the Canadian Paraplegic Association having served as Director and Chairperson of the provincial Association. As well, over the years, he has held various Executive positions on CPA’s National Board and is currently serving as National President.

Eddie has a deep rooted and steadfast commitment to the District of Bay of Islands. He knows the communities, people and the needs of the District well and looks forward to working with and for the people of the Bay of Islands.