It’s Worth Battling the Wind and Rain

At the card game in Summerside campaigning.

With the wind and rain battering the Bay of Islands today, it was a great opportunity to take count on how things are going in our campaign so far.  It’s a critical point in our campaign to restore strong representation and we are putting the final push underway to secure support and identify every vote.
There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.  Heather and I campaigned through the storm and kept focused on the ultimate goal.

I’ve been trying to get to every door, attend every function, debate and rally, answer every email and phone every person who have left a message.
This is the approach I have always and will continue to take.  This has been my commitment to the people of the Bay of Islands.

I am excited about the prospect of working with the councils,organizations and residents once again.  I thank you for this great opportunity.

I promise I will not go into a witness protection program.  I will be available.  I will be dependable.

The next few days will be crucial as the campaign winds down.  It’s important we keep the forward momentum and keep focused.

I am pleased with the support everyone has shown and with how things have progressed so far.

It has been a total effort by everyone involved with my campaign.  Without those behind the scenes volunteering and without your support, none of this would be possible.
I look forward to your continued support on October 11.

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Polling Details for the Bay of Islands

Those people who want a ride to the polls to vote on October 11 can call my campaign headquarters at 785-7463 or 785-7449.

If you want as well, you can text 709-632-1314 or 709-640-8896.

You can also contact us through Facebook or Twitter.  Just leave a note on my Facebook page or send a tweet to @eddiejoyce.

Here’s the details of where voting will occur in the Bay of Islands District.

Lark Harbour 1, 2 Community Hall
York Harbour 3 Community Hall
Frenchman’s Cove 4 Scona House
John’s Beach 5 Community Hall
Benoit’s Cove
Benoit’s Cove 6, 7, 8 Community Hall
Benoit’s Cove
Halfway Point 9 Community Hall
Benoit’s Cove
Mt. Moriah 10, 11 Community Hall
Curling 12, 13, 14, 15
16, 17, 18
St. Mary’s Anglican
Church Hall
Irishtown 19, 20 Community Hall
Summerside 21, 22 Community Hall
Meadows 23, 24 Community Hall
Gilliams 25 Fire Hall
McIvers 26, 27 Community Hall
Cox’s Cove 28, 29 Community Hall


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Do you Want Four More Years without a Voice?

Watching some card players in Summerside play a game of 45s.

I look forward each evening sitting and reflecting on things that happened each day on the campaign trail.

Just sitting down in Summerside and chatting with people this evening and talking while they were having a game of cards or chatting while others played darts is enjoyable.

It allows me to get a better understanding of the issues people are concerned about here in the Bay of Islands.

Earlier today it was the last chance for anyone to vote before the election.  The response from those voters getting out early was great and my team worked well together.  This gave us a glimpse into the future and the response was amazing.

Now we have to keep the momentum heading into the final days of the campaign.  We have to remain focused on giving a voice back to the Bay of Islands.

I’ve made a commitment to the people of the Bay of Islands to be available and to be dependable.  I’ve refused to make idle, false and unattainable promises throughout my political career just to secure a victory in the election.

I’ve continued throughout my career as an elected official and as resident of this great district to be there for everyone, not just those that support me throughout an election.

People have been telling me as I’ve gone door-to-door we need a strong voice and strong representation to speak out on the issues.

I’m respectfully asking you to give me that opportunity to be your voice once again.

On October 11, a vote for me is a vote for the people of the Bay of Islands.

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Building on our Momentum and Advanced Polls

Ned from St. Anthony plays guitar as Liberal MP Gerry Byrne plays the spoons at the Liberal rally in Summerside.

With the great weekend rally in Summerside behind us, we now focus each day as the election approaches.  Hearing people have positive things to say about the event on Saturday night was great.  It seems that “Ned” from St. Anthony and Da Buoys outdid themselves!

Tomorrow is an important day.

It leaves just one week to campaign before for the October 11 voting day and it is the day advanced polling opens.

Anyone in the Bay of Islands district that wants to vote in the advanced polling can do so.  Polls will open at 8:00 am and close at 8:00 pm.  Voting takes place at St. Mary’s Anglican Church Hall in Curling.  It is the last day anyone can vote before October 11.

If you know of anyone who will be unable to vote on Election Day, call our campaign headquarters at 785-7463 or 785-7449 and we can help get them to the advanced polls.

Every vote counts!

Encourage your friends and family to get out and vote, whether it’s in the advanced polls tomorrow or on October 11.

Today was equally important.

With each day bring us closer to our goal, I spent the day campaigning in Cox’s Cove, Gilliams and at a meet and greet in Lark Harbour.  Great response at the doors and a great turn out at the social.  I even got to go to a card game in York Harbour.

People are continuing to show support and the common theme centres around the lack of visibility, lack of representation and a lack of strong voice for the issues in the Bay of Islands.  People continually tell me there is no one fighting for us in government.

As I said in Summerside on Saturday night, I will not become a member of the witness protection program like our current MHA.  I will be visible.  I will be accessible.  I will give our region back a voice.

I will fight for the Bay of Islands and fight to ensure this area is well represented in government.

People want someone to speak out on matters involving things such as the fishery, waste management, municipal infrastructure, seniors’ issues, education, tourism and economic development.

Many of these have been neglected in the Bay of Islands in the last four years.  Our current MHA has waited for the government to tell him what his position is on these issues, rather than standing up and being heard.

We need to restore a strong voice, a Liberal voice, back in the Bay of Islands.

Remember the advance polls start at 8:00 am.  I’m encouraging everyone to get out and vote early if you have to.


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Week Two Closes on a High Note

Large Crowd of Supporters in Summerside at our rally.

It’s been a very busy week two.  On Friday and Saturday I continued campaigning throughout different parts of the district, knocking on doors, talking with people and listening to what people have been saying.

I want to thank everyone for all the support you’ve shown.  We’re getting closer to the Election Day with only one week remaining.

Special ballots finish on October 4 and you can also vote in the advance polls on October 4.  Take advantage of this if you think you won’t be able to vote on October 11.  Just call my campaign office and we will make arrangements to get you to the polls.

It is important we get every vote out.

Eddie as a member of "Think Pink" in the Run for the Cure

Saturday night was our rally in Summerside.  We packed the house and had a great time.

The meal and entertainment was amazing.  Everyone enjoyed “Ned” from St. Anthony and Da Buoys (Scott Blanchard and Tony Delaney).

Liberal MP Gerry Byrne was there and spoke to the crowd.  He even had the opportunity to show off his talents on stage playing the spoons with Ned.

On Sunday, I participated in the Run for the Cure on the “Think Pink” team.  Our team ran to show our support for Marg, a breast cancer survivor.

While it may be hard work campaigning, seeing the determination and courage by people such as Marg, makes me want to work even that much harder.  Seeing how these people have faced one of the scariest diseases, fought for the lives and have survived is inspiring.

It’s a great way to end a week!

Tomorrow will start the final week of the campaign.  Lots of great things are planned.

I will be in Cox’s Cove tomorrow and will be having a meet and greet in Lark Harbour at 7:00 pm for anyone who wants to stop by.

Hope you all had a safe weekend.


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Under the “O” … Opportunity

Grabbing a snack on the campaign trail.

Tonight I had the opportunity to catch up with some old friends in Summerside.  It was an evening filled with bingo, laughter and some stories.

The Summerside Lions Club came about because of hard working volunteers and an opportunity realized after a tragedy.

The club is located where the original Summerside Community Centre once stood.  In the 90s, the community hall burned, leaving nothing but a shell and ashes.  It also left the Summerside Lions, Lionesses and Leos without a club because they were located in the downstairs. Continue reading

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We Will All Be Winners

At the ACAP / Grenfell all candidates forum with fellow Liberal, Humber West candidate Donna Luther.

After a day of campaigning I had the pleasure to participate in an all-candidates forum with Donna Luther. It makes me realize how lucky we are to live where we do. In a democracy such as ours, people have a say in who will represent them and form the government.

The ACAP Forum tonight was an opportunity for all candidates to sit and field questions from the citizens from all districts around the area.

The discussion was invigorating and covered a wide range of topics such as seniors well-being, housing, health, education, the fishery, forestry, economic development and tourism to name a few. Continue reading

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My Commitment to the Bay of Islands

Standing with a crop of peaches being grown in Curling. Did you know you could grow peaches in Western Newfoundland?

Throughout the campaign, it has become clear people are seeing two standards of living developing in Newfoundland and Labrador.  They hear about the prosperity brought by the oil riches.  Yet here in the Bay of Islands, many are finding themselves struggling with tough decisions.

Today while visiting people in the Curling, Mount Moriah and Hughes Brook areas and everywhere throughout the entire campaign people have raised many issues.

Seniors are worried about the rising cost of living, being forced to make decisions between heating oil, food and medication. Continue reading

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Experience, Leadership and Representation (and thanks for the Pickles)

Throughout the first week of the campaign I’ve listened to many people who have expressed concerns about the current representation in the Bay of Islands.  It’s been very evident they want change.

My experience speaks for itself.   I have been involved with government for 20 years, serving with 3 premiers and as MHA for 8 years.  I’ve served as opposition critic for the Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation, the Department of Natural Resources, and Chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee. Continue reading

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Week One in the Books

Sitting here reflecting on day 6 and starting day 7, I am pleased with my campaign.

I have been blessed with a great group of volunteers.  They have done a wonderful job with my signs, answering phones and with special ballots

Thank you to my team of volunteers.  Without you, reaching our goal would not be possible.

The campaign has brought me to several communities already.  I’ve talked to many people throughout the district so far.  Many people have also messaged me on Facebook, called my campaign headquarters or sent emails wondering when I will be campaigning in their area. Continue reading

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