Thank You to the Volunteer Firefighters

Today was a great day on the campaign trail.  I had a great day campaigning in Irishtown. Great response and lots of great support.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to talk with me about things & for expressing your support.Meadows Volunteer Firefighters

After supper, I dropped by the Meadows Volunteer Fire Dept and looked at the new equipment they recently received to help protect their town. A big thank you to all volunteer fire fighters in Meadows and throughout Humber-Bay of Islands for your continued commitment to your towns and providing fire protection to all residents in the Bay of Islands.  Because of you we can all sleep better at night knowing that you selflessly work to keep us safe.

Tomorrow, I will be doing more door to door visits in the Humber Heights/Humbermouth area. Hope to get a chance to meet and chat with many of you.  If you see me on the campaign trail, stop by and say hi.

Have a great evening.


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